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Livingstone Brand 25L Alberta Pack

Livingstone Brand 25L Alberta Pack. This backpack is very light and compact, just a slightly larger than a soda can.
     It is very portable when folded, making it an excellent spare bag when traveling. When unfolded, it becomes a good-sized backpack, with room for your hiking needs without adding significant extra weight.
     The shoulder straps are comfortable. One thing that it is missing is the cross-chess strap, but it doesn’t feel that you need it with this backpack.
     The main compartment, including the zipper, is water-resistant, which makes it suitable for hiking in rainy weather or around wet places. It has a small interior bag for cellphones, keys, IDs, etc.
     On the sides, it has two meshed-pockets, convenient for carrying water bottles or similarly shape items (for example, a camera flash, just make sure to bag it separately to protect it against moisture and dirt!).

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